SHTOOLS; Fortran/Python spherical harmonic transform software package

The current version of SHTOOLS is 4.0 (released December 16, 2016)

What is SHTOOLS?

SHTOOLS is an archive of Fortran 95 and Python software that can be used to perform spherical harmonic transforms and reconstructions, rotations of data expressed in spherical harmonics, and multitaper spectral analyses on the sphere.

SHTOOLS is extremely versatile:

How do I install SHTOOLS?

The Python components of SHTOOLS can be installed using the Python package manager pip. In a unix terminal, you need only to execute the following command:

pip install pyshtools

To install the Fortran 95 components for use in your Fortran programs, installation can be as simple as executing the commands:

make fortran
make fortran-mp # (for OpenMP)

The most recent release of SHTOOLS can always be downloaded from GitHub. Full installation instructions can be found here, and additional information can be found on the GitHub wiki. You can keep up to date by following SHTOOLS on Twitter.

How do I use SHTOOLS?

SHTOOLS can be invoked in any Fortran 95, Python 2, or Python 3 program. The core software is written in Fortran 95, and Python wrappers allow simple access to the fortran-compiled routines. A variety of Python notebooks and example files are included that demonstrate the major features of the library.

SHTOOLS is open source (revised BSD license) and makes use of the freely available Fourier transform package FFTW and the linear algebra packages LAPACK and BLAS.

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