Set matplotlib parameters for creating publication quality graphics.


figstyle([rel_width, screen_dpi, aspect_ratio, max_width, figsize, units])


rel_width : float, optional, default = 0.75
The relative width of the plot (from 0 to 1) wih respect to width.
screen_dpi : int, optional, default = 114
The screen resolution of the display in dpi, which determines the size of the plot on the display.
aspect_ratio : float, optional, default = 4/3
The aspect ratio (horizontal/vertical) of the plot.
max_width : float, optional, default = 7.48031
The maximum width of the usable area of a journal page in inches.
figsize : list, optional, default = None
A list containing the width and height of the figure.
units : str, optional, default = ‘i’
The measurement units of max_width and figsize, either ‘i’ for inches or ‘c’ or ‘cm’ for centimeters.


This function sets a variety of matplotlib parameters for creating publication quality graphics. The default parameters are tailored to AGU/Wiley-Blackwell journals that accept relative widths of 0.5, 0.75, and 1. To reset the maplotlib parameters to their default values, use‘default’)

Tags: python
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