Compute the coordinates of a circle placed at a given latitude and longitude.


call MakeCircleCoord (coord, lat, lon, theta0, cinterval, cnum, exitstatus)


coord : output, real(dp), dimension(360/cinterval, 2)
The latitude (:,1) and longitude (:,2) coordinates of the circle in degrees. If not specified, cintervaL is assumed to 1.
lat : input, real(dp)
The latitude of the center of the circle in degrees.
lon : input, real(dp)
The longitude of the center of the circle in degrees.
theta0 : input, real(dp)
The angular radius of the circle in degrees.
cinterval : optional, input, real(dp), default = 1
Angular spacing in degrees of the output latitude and longitude points. If not present, the default is 1.
cnum : optional, output, integer
Number of elements in the output arrays.
exitstatus : output, optional, integer
If present, instead of executing a STOP when an error is encountered, the variable exitstatus will be returned describing the error. 0 = No errors; 1 = Improper dimensions of input array; 2 = Improper bounds for input variable; 3 = Error allocating memory; 4 = File IO error.


MakeCircleCoord will calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates of a circle of angular radius theta0 placed on a sphere at position (lat, lon). This is useful for plotting circles on geographic maps. The first index in the output vectors corresponds to the point directly north of the cirlce origin, and subsequent points are arranged in a clockwise manner. Input and output units are in degrees.

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