Determine the spherical-harmonic bandwidth that is necessary to achieve a certain concentration factor.


lwin = SHFindLWin (theta0, m, alpha, [taper_number])


lwin : integer
The spherical harmonic bandwidth.


theta0 : float
The angular radius of the spherical cap in radians.
m : integer
The angular order of the taper.
alpha : float
The desired concentration factor of the window. This must lie between 0 and 1.
taper_number : optional, integer, default = 1
The taper number corresponding to the angular order m. The default is to use the first taper.


SHFindLWin will determine the spherical harmonic bandwidth that is required for a window of the spherical-cap concentration problem to achive a certain concentration factor. By default, the first taper corresponding to the angular order m will be used, but this can be modified by specifying the optional argument taper_number.


Wieczorek, M. A. and F. J. Simons, Localized spectral analysis on the sphere, Geophys. J. Int., 162, 655-675, 2005.

Tags: python
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