This module provides classes for working with spherical harmonic coefficients, gridded data, Slepian functions, and localized multitaper spectral analyses.

Generic classes

Class name Description
SHCoeffs Class for spherical harmonic coefficients.
SHGrid Class for global gridded data.
SHWindow Class for localized spectral analyses.
Slepian Class for Slepian functions.
SlepianCoeffs Class for Slepian expansion coefficients.
SHGradient Class for the two horizontal components of the gradient of a scalar.

Classes for gravity fields

SHGravCoeffs Class for gravitational potential spherical harmonic coefficients.
SHGravGrid Class for global gridded gravitational field data.
SHGravTensor Class for the gravity field tensor and eigenvalues.
SHGeoid Class for the geoid.

Classes for magnetic fields

SHMagCoeffs Class for magnetic potential spherical harmonic coefficients.
SHMagGrid Class for global gridded magnetic field data.
SHMagTensor Class for the magnetic field tensor and eigenvalues.
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