Notebook name Description
Introduction 1 Grids and spherical harmonic coefficients.
Introduction 2 Localization windows and spectral analysis.
Introduction 3 Gravity and Magnetic fields.
Tutorial 1 Simple spherical harmonic analyses.
Tutorial 2 Localized spectral analysis on the sphere.
Tutorial 3 The SHTOOLS class interface.
Tutorial 4 Spherical harmonic normalizations and Parseval’s theorem.
Tutorial 5 Multitaper spectral analysis class interface.
Tutorial 6 3D plots of gridded data.

Test programs

A variety of test programs can be found in the folders in examples/python.

Folder directory Description
ClassInterface/ Test the python class interfaces.
TestLegendre/ Test and plot the Legendre functions.
IOStorageConversions/ Read coefficients from a file and test conversions between real and complex coefficients.
GlobalSpectralAnalysis/ Test functions to compute different power spectra from real and complex coefficients.
LocalizedSpectralAnalysis/ Test the coupling matrix, localized spectral analysis, and bias routines.
GravMag/ Test the gravity and magnetics routines, and compute the crustal thickness of Mars.
TimingAccuracy/ Perform timing and accuracy tests using real and complex coefficients, with Driscoll and Healy (1994) and Gauss-Legendre quadrature grids.
Other/ Test a variety of other routines.
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