A class for gridded data of the geoid.


Initialization method Description
x = SHGravCoeffs.geoid() Initialize using an SHGravCoeffs class instance.

Class attributes

Attribute Description
geoid SHGrid class instance of the geoid.
gm Gravitational constant time the mass of the body.
potref Potential of the chosen geoid.
a Semimajor axis of the reference ellipsoid.
f Flattening of the reference ellipsoid, f = (a - b) / a.
omega Angular rotation rate of the body.
r Reference radius of the Taylor expansion.
order Order of the Taylor expansion.
units The units of the gridded data.
lmax The maximum spherical harmonic degree resolvable by the grids.
lmax_calc The maximum spherical harmonic degree of the gravitational potential used in creating the grids.
nlat, nlon The number of latitude and longitude bands in the grids.
sampling The longitudinal sampling scheme of the grids: either 1 for nlon = nlat or 2 for nlon = 2 * nlat.
epoch The epoch time of the gravity model.

Class methods

Method Description
plot() Plot the geoid.
to_xarray() Return the gridded data as an xarray DataArray.
to_netcdf() Return the gridded data as a netcdf formatted file or object.
copy() Return a copy of the class instance.
info() Print a summary of the data stored in the SHGravGrid instance.
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