Classes for the gravity and magnetic field tensors and eigenvalues.


Subclass name Description
SHGravTensor Subclass for the gravity field tensor.
SHMagTensor Subclass for the magnetic field tensor.


Initialization method Description
x = SHGravCoeffs.tensor() Initialize using an SHGravCoeffs class instance.
x = SHMagCoeffs.tensor() Initialize using an SHMagCoeffs class instance.

Class attributes

Attribute Description
vxx, vxy, vxz, vyx, vyy, vyz, vzx, vzy, vzz The nine component of the tensor.
i0, i1, i2 First, second and third invariants of the tensor.
i Derived quantity from i1 and i2 that is bounded between 0 and 1.
gm Gravitational constant time the mass of the body (gravity tensor only).
a Semimajor axis of the reference ellipsoid.
f Flattening of the reference ellipsoid, f = (a - b) / a.
lmax The maximum spherical harmonic degree resolvable by the grids.
lmax_calc The maximum spherical harmonic degree of the potential used in creating the grids.
units The units of the gridded data.
nlat, nlon The number of latitude and longitude bands in the grids.
sampling The longitudinal sampling scheme of the grids: either 1 for nlon = nlat or 2 for nlon = 2 * nlat.
epoch The epoch time for gravity models.
year The year of the time-variable magnetic field data.

Class methods

Method Description
plot() Plot all 9 components of the tensor.
plot_vxx() Plot the Vxx component of the tensor.
plot_vxy() Plot the Vxy component of the tensor.
plot_vxz() Plot the Vxz component of the tensor.
plot_vyx() Plot the Vyx component of the tensor.
plot_vyy() Plot the Vyy component of the tensor.
plot_vyz() Plot the Vyz component of the tensor.
plot_vzx() Plot the Vzx component of the tensor.
plot_vzy() Plot the Vzy component of the tensor.
plot_vzz() Plot the Vzz component of the tensor.
compute_invar() Compute the invariants of the tensor.
plot_i0() Plot the first invariant I0 of the tensor.
plot_i1() Plot the second invariant I1 of the tensor.
plot_i2() Plot the third invariant I2 of the tensor.
plot_i() Plot the derived quantity -(I2/2)**2 / (I1/3)**3.
compute_eig() Compute the three eigenvalues of the tensor.
plot_eig() Plot the three eigenvalues of the tensor.
plot_eig1() Plot the first eigenvalue of the tensor.
plot_eig2() Plot the second eigenvalue of the tensor.
plot_eig3() Plot the third eigenvalue of the tensor.
compute_eigh() Compute the horizontal eigenvalues of the tensor.
plot_eigh() Plot the two horizontal eigenvalues and the combined maximum absolute eigenvalue of the tensor.
plot_eigh1() Plot the first horizontal eigenvalue of the tensor.
plot_eigh2() Plot the second horizontal eigenvalue of the tensor.
plot_eighh() Plot the combined maximum absolute eigenvalue of the tensor.
to_xarray() Return an xarray DataSet of all gridded data.
copy() Return a copy of the class instance.
info() Print a summary of the data stored in the class instance.
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