Perform a localized multitaper spectral analysis using arbitrary windows derived from a mask.


call SHMultiTaperMaskSE (mtse, sd, sh, lmax, tapers, lmaxt, k, taper_wt, norm, csphase, exitstatus)


mtse : output, real(dp), dimension (lmax-lmaxt+1)
The localized multitaper power spectrum estimate.
sd : output, real(dp), dimension (lmax-lmaxt+1)
The standard error of the localized multitaper power spectral estimates.
sh : input, real(dp), dimension (2, lmax+1, lmax+1)
The spherical harmonic coefficients of the function to be localized.
lmax : input, integer
The spherical harmonic bandwidth of sh.
tapers : input, real(dp), dimension ((lmaxt+1)**2, k)
An array of the k windowing functions, arranged in columns, obtained from a call to SHReturnTapersMap. The spherical harmonic coefficients are packed according to the conventions in SHCilmToVector.
lmaxt : input, integer
The spherical harmonic bandwidth of the windowing functions in the array tapers.
k : input, integer
The number of tapers to be utilized in performing the multitaper spectral analysis.
taper_wt : input, optional, real(dp), dimension (k)
The weights used in calculating the multitaper spectral estimates and standard error. Optimal values of the weights (for a known global power spectrum) can be obtained from the routine SHMTVarOpt.
norm : input, optional, integer, default = 1
1 (default) = 4-pi (geodesy) normalized harmonics; 2 = Schmidt semi-normalized harmonics; 3 = unnormalized harmonics; 4 = orthonormal harmonics.
csphase : input, optional, integer, default = 1
1 (default) = do not apply the Condon-Shortley phase factor to the associated Legendre functions; -1 = append the Condon-Shortley phase factor of (-1)^m to the associated Legendre functions.
exitstatus : output, optional, integer
If present, instead of executing a STOP when an error is encountered, the variable exitstatus will be returned describing the error. 0 = No errors; 1 = Improper dimensions of input array; 2 = Improper bounds for input variable; 3 = Error allocating memory; 4 = File IO error.


SHMultiTaperMaskSE will perform a localized multitaper spectral analysis of an input function expressed in spherical harmonics using an arbitrary set of windows derived from a mask. The maximum degree of the localized multitaper cross-power spectrum estimate is lmax-lmaxt. The matrix tapers contains the spherical harmonic coefficients of the windows and can be obtained by a call to SHReturnTapersMap. The coefficients of each window are stored in a single column, ordered according to the conventions used in SHCilmToVector.

If the optional array taper_wt is specified, these weights will be used in calculating a weighted average of the individual k tapered estimates mtse and the corresponding standard error of the estimates sd. If not present, the weights will all be assumed to be equal. When taper_wt is not specified, the mutltitaper spectral estimate for a given degree will be calculated as the average obtained from the k individual tapered estimates. The standard error of the multitaper estimate at degree l is simply the population standard deviation, S = sqrt(sum (Si - mtse)^2 / (k-1)), divided by sqrt(k). See Wieczorek and Simons (2007) for the relevant expressions when weighted estimates are used.

The employed spherical harmonic normalization and Condon-Shortley phase convention can be set by the optional arguments norm and csphase; if not set, the default is to use geodesy 4-pi normalized harmonics that exclude the Condon-Shortley phase of (-1)^m.


Wieczorek, M. A. and F. J. Simons, Minimum-variance multitaper spectral estimation on the sphere, J. Fourier Anal. Appl., 13, doi:10.1007/s00041-006-6904-1, 665-692, 2007.

See also

shmultitapermaskcse, shreturntapersmap, shcilmtovector

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