Subclass name Description
SHRealCoeffs Real spherical harmonic coefficient class.
SHComplexCoeffs Complex spherical harmonic coefficient class.


Initialization method Description
x = SHCoeffs.from_array() Initialize using coefficients from an array.
x = SHCoeffs.from_random() Initialize using random coefficients with a prescribed power spectrum.
x = SHCoeffs.from_zeros() Initialize with coefficients set to zero.
x = SHCoeffs.from_file() Initialize using coefficients from a file.

Class attributes

Attribute Description
lmax The maximum spherical harmonic degree of the coefficients.
coeffs The raw coefficients with the specified normalization and phase conventions.
normalization The normalization of the coefficients: '4pi', 'ortho', 'schmidt', or 'unnorm'.
csphase Defines whether the Condon-Shortley phase is used (1) or not (-1).
mask A boolean mask that is True for the permissible values of degree l and order m.
kind The coefficient data type: either 'complex' or 'real'.
header A list of values from the header line of the input file used to initialize the class.

Class methods

Method Description
degrees() Return an array listing the spherical harmonic degrees from 0 to lmax.
spectrum() Return the spectrum of the function.
volume() Calculate the volume of the body.
set_coeffs() Set coefficients in-place to specified values.
rotate() Rotate the coordinate system used to express the spherical harmonics coefficients and return a new class instance.
convert() Return a new class instance using a different normalization convention.
pad() Return a new class instance that is zero padded or truncated to a different lmax.
expand() Evaluate the coefficients either on a spherical grid and return an SHGrid class instance, or for a list of latitude and longitude coordinates.
plot_spectrum() Plot the spectrum as a function of spherical harmonic degree.
plot_spectrum2d() Plot the spectrum of all spherical-harmonic coefficients.
to_array() Return an array of spherical harmonics coefficients with a different normalization convention.
to_file() Save raw spherical harmonic coefficients to a text or binary file.
copy() Return a copy of the class instance.
info() Print a summary of the data stored in the SHCoeffs instance.
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