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Python notebooks (examples/notebooks)

Introduction 1 [html] Grids and and Spherical Harmonic Coefficients.
Introduction 2 [html] Localization windows and spectral analysis.
tutorial 1 [html] Simple spherical harmonic analyses.
tutorial 2 [html] Localized spectral analysis on the sphere.
tutorial 3 [html] The SHTOOLS class interface.
tutorial 4 [html] Spherical harmonic normalizations and Parseval's theorem.
tutorial 5 [html] Multitaper spectral analysis class interface.
tutorial 6 [html] 3D plots of gridded data.

Python test programs (examples/python)

ClassInterface/ Test the python class interfaces.
TestLegendre/ Test and plot the Legendre functions.
IOStorageConversions/ Read coefficients from a file and test conversions between real and complex coefficients.
GlobalSpectralAnalysis/ Test functions to compute different power spectra from real and complex coefficients.
SHRotations/ Test the rotation of spherical harmonic coefficients.
LocalizedSpectralAnalysis/ Test the coupling matrix, localized spectral analysis, and bias routines.
GravMag/ Test the gravity and magnetics routines, and compute the crustal thickness of Mars.
TimingAccuracy/ Perform timing and accuracy tests using real and complex coefficients, with Driscoll and Healy (1994) and Gauss-Lengendre quadrature grids.
Other/ Test a variety of other routines.

Fortran 95

Fortran 95 example programs (examples/fortran)

SHCilmPlus Demonstration of how to expand spherical harmonic files into gridded maps using the GLQ routines, and how to compute the gravity field resulting from finite amplitude surface relief.
SHExpandDH Demonstration of how to expand a grid that is equally sampled in latitude and longitude into spherical harmonics using the sampling theorem of Driscoll and Healy (1994).
SHExpandLSQ Demonstration of how to expand a set of irregularly sampled data points in latitude and longitude into spherical harmonics by use of a least squares inversion.
SHMag Demonstration of how to expand scalar magnetic potential spherical harmonic coefficients into their three vector components and total field.
MarsCrustalThickness Demonstration of how compute a crustal thickness map of Mars.
SHRotate Demonstration of how to determine the spherical harmonic coefficients for a body that is rotated with respect to its initial configuration.
SHLocalizedAdmitCorr Demonstration of how to calculate localized admittance and correlation spectra for a given set of gravity and topography spherical harmonic coefficients.
TimingAccuracy Test programs that calculate the time required to perform the GLQ and DH spherical harmonic transforms and reconstructions and the accuracy of these operations.

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